Warriors Won’t Restrict Bogut

Since coming to the Warriors two seasons ago, Andrew Bogut has battled injuries. Though not at 100 percent, Bogut managed to have a big impact in the playoffs this past season.

Warriors GM, Bob Myers, told Sporting News, the Warriors will not put restrictions on Bogut, and will treat him as if he’s at full strength.

“I think the initial thought is he is healthy, and play him as much as you want,” general manager Bob Myers said. “If something obviously were to develop, something unforeseen, you have to react to it. At this point, you treat him like he is 100 percent healthy, that is what he is saying, that is what the medical staff is saying, so, you don’t treat him any other way.”

“Maybe the question is, do you want to play him 35 minutes? But that is a question for any center. It is not due to anything with his injury. We’re approaching it like he is healthy.”

Bogut missed 104 games in the past two seasons, and dealt with ankle issues this past year.

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