J.J. Barea Open to Mavericks Return

J.J. Barea is happy to be with the Minnesota Timberwloves, but he would not be opposed to a return to the team he won a title with, back in 2011.

Barea told ESPN, he is open to a return to Dallas.

“It’s a great relationship with Mark Cuban. If they want to bring me back to Dallas, I am very [good] with it,” Barea said. “But I’m happy in Minnesota. They’re the ones that wanted me there, the ones that signed me for four years, so until they decide to trade me, I’m going to give them all my effort in the games.”

For now, Barea is with the Wolves, and thinks if the core guys stay healthy, they can make the playoffs.

“We have a great team,” Barea said, citing Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love. “We also have Kevin Martin and new guys. Our problem is that we haven’t been able to maintain ourselves healthy. If we stay healthy, we see ourselves in the playoffs.”

Barea spent much of last season on the sidelines due to injuries.

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